An introduction for the beginner to playing the guitar.

Presenting the buskers' rep with video, chord diagrams, tablature, mp3, realaudio, and wav format audio to show how to play simple guitar parts to accompany the voice in song. The busker is currently taking a small and carefully selected input of new guitar students. For guitar lessons in Fife email lu(at) [replace (at) with @] The busker specialises in teaching beginners,children and those with learning difficulties. He teaches classical, rock, folk,blues and ragtime guitar.

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Section 1.0 Tuning Section 1.1 Chords Intro
Section 1.2 The First Song Section 1.3 Recording tips
Section 1.4 Melody, harmony basics Section 1.5 Busker's Song - Eternal Now
Section 2.0 Advanced Class Section 2.1 Bar Chords
Section 2.2 Arpeggios Section 3.0 Improvisation
Section 3.1 Improvisation 2 Section 3.2 SongWriting
Section 4.0 Knowledge Summary Section 5.0 Video in Windows Media format
Section 5.1 Buskers Song - Perfect Way Section 6.0 Lyric development Mindfire
Section 6.1 More minor pentatonics  

Hot Tip - Use Google to find any tab - Type

"song title" artist name tab

into Google to find almost any guitar tab that exists.

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