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This section is for the more advanced guitarist, and for the beginner to study until they are ready to try a difficult part. The RealMedia video clip shows the entire guitar part for the busker song 'Voice of a Buddha'. You can listen to the Real Audio file of this song and read the lyric here -> Note that the song is played at capo III (Third position) using the chords (only two !) shown here.

V means fret five VII means fret 7


Unternet Busker ' Voice of a Buddha' Real Media video file.Lu plays D


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The busker is currently taking a small and carefully selected input of new guitar students. Should you live in Fife, Scotland and require guitar lessons email lu(at) [replace (at) with @] The busker specialises in teaching beginners,children and those with learning difficulties. He teaches classical, flamenco, rock, folk and bass guitar.