Section 5.1 Video & complete song 'Perfect Way'


Note the video is 3.82MB Windows Streaming Media (asf)

The video is 3mins 7secs long and has the complete guitar part

(If you are on a modem then it may be better to download these files rather than trying to play them)




Now, because of all we've wrought, earthly life is fraught, with all kinds of misery.


All types of problems and pains,


everyone seeking to frame,


somebody else for their sorrow and shame,


when they, on their own, are to blame.




We - must find the perfect way, the only way to stay; alive in love.


Then all kinds of goodness and light,


can spring from this growth of insight,


into the mind that is always aligned,


with all love and all truth and all right.




Alas, there is no perfect way, the only way to stay alive in love;


is to hold to the Moment of Truth,


discard all the folly of youth,


and sing with this mind which is always aligned


with all love and all truth and all right.



Playing notes - Capo I

Chords in song ... E ...Am ...G6 ...F ... Dm7 ,,, Fm ... Fm7 (All at first so actual chords are a semitone higher)

The video clips show all chords, positions and inversions.


Of particular interest (and not too easy to see in the video)

is the Dm7 inversion in the image below.

This is a Dmin7 chord shape.( As it's capoed at I it is in reality Ebm7 but that is irrelevant here.) The point of difficulty is when the inversion is CHANGED by LOWERING THE first FINGER ONTO THE first STRING (WHILST STILL HOLDING THE 3rd STRING AT THE 2ND FRET) to sound the different inversion,.


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