The problem of thought.

Thought itself separates us. We must learn to lift consciousness above thought in order to understand the possibilities of mind.

This is easily empirically proven. If we can learn to examine the thought stream *, it is, in most of us, mostly junk.

* The simple technique here is to sit in silence and watch the contents of our thoughts - if necessary write them down. If you have never done this ask yourself - Why ? and then DO it. There is no point reading further until you have done so.

This junk in the thought stream is conditioning of one type or another. The only way to be free of this conditioning is to be free of thought.

Easier said than done.
Mind stop, commonly named meditation is this freedom.

So whenever unapplied thought leads us away from mind stop, we are caught in lack of awareness. We must apply thought to live. There is no total escape except, possibly in death and that is for us to discover. Therefore thought can be of two types. Applied thought is thought used as it should be to enable life to continue and to further the investigations and results of learning of the mind **.

Unapplied thought is simply conditioning and is to be avoided.

** It must be understood that the first priority after caring for needs is learning about mind
There is no possibility of a more important field of human endeavour.

Awareness cannot be sought out. It is best found by scanning the minds' operations for unawareness. This leads to awareness. From awareness of the present demands of life, mind stop or applied thought is called for.

Now something interesting happens. Creativity comes from mind stop. It does not come from thought. Applied thought is used to shape and refine the initial meditative insight

Most of us (research indicates 70% of us) have experienced connection at some time with something greater than themselves Many HAVE experienced meditation. It IS an ongoing background process of the mind. Again, simple observation of the thought stream reveals a GAP between thought. Thought is NOT contiguous or continuous and the gap between thought, which also is meditation, can be extended.

It is useless though to read of this without trying it. Simply take the time to look and see if what is written here is so. In an average mind, it takes seven seconds or so for the gap to arise. If you look you will see it and know.

A description of the gap

The onset of meditation is easily recognisable. There is an apparent widening of the angle of vision. No thought is present. Deeper in, we experience no time, no pain, no self and a deep sense of connection with everything.

From this place, creativity and learning arise. It is NOT magic,(See song - Verse 3) and it is NOT imagination. Do not confuse them. Experiment alone reveals the truth here.