mOUSmUSO - a brush for a sound canvas




mOUSmUSO consists of a playgrid screen with diagonal lines - tonebars which represent a musical scale or mode.

Simply moving the mouse and clicking plays notes, chords and arpeggios. (mOUSmUSO works better with a three button mouse) Arpeggios are chords which are played one note at a time.( chords are three or more notes played together).

It is easier to play it than to describe it.

So Download it now mOUSmUSO executable zip file 714 Kb download - 3-4 mins on a 33600 modem with a good connection

mOUSmUSO makes it possible for seven year olds and above, with no previous experience at all, to make and enjoy their own music.

The learning curve for mOUSmUSO is very shallow and if a seven year old can do it you probably can too.[Many seven year olds use mOUSmUSO with no problems ]- A freebie e-mailed upgrade is offered to the youngest verified mOUSmUSO player - This is an UNLIMITED offer.

Most non musicians have had either an unfortunate encounter with a bad music teacher, or never had the opportunity to make music with an instrument. mOUSmUSO IS for YOU. You run it, you wiggle the mouse, clik on the mouse buttons and it plays. No manual to struggle over, no complicated stuff at all. Simply play and learn. Yes you WILL learn with mOUSmUSO. You will learn what it is like to PLAY music of your own. This is very different from listening. You will learn what notes, modes, chords and arpeggios are. You will at once be able to play any one of 128 instruments or PLAY UP TO 16 INSTRUMENTS AT ONCE.


Need more persuasion ? Listen to mOUSmUSO MIDI demos

Non-musicians using mOUSmUSO can play notes, scales, chords and arpeggios FASTER than human masters. Musicians get to use it too though.


mOUSmUSO is a non-musical web-masters dream of an instrument. Using Windows Sound Recorder, you can


This lets you design individual audio for your links that play, just as the Windows welcome wave does, whenever a person quits a page, starts a new page, or cliks on a wavefile link.


Example HTML to play wave files in line
You can also play Audio waves IN-LINE

<EMBED SRC="waves/planets/planetsp.wav">

- Netscape sound


- Explorer Sound


- Mosaic Sound

See the index.htm file for the Unternet Busker site for a working example

The Unternet Buskers pages play a short audio wave as a welcome message.

If you have Windows95 or above you can play this file.

THIS FILE planetsp.wav IS NOT, THOUGH A STANDARD WINDOWS WAVE FILE. It is in Truespeech format which is a 1-bit (Yes, ONE BIT) file format, hghly compressed and only suitable for review purposes or background material.

mOUSmUSO has nothing to do with any audio format. It simply produces streams of MIDI data which are sent to either your soundcard, or a MIDI instrument connected to your computer. The sounds are created by the instrument, and you are limited by the instruments sound quality and NOT mOUSmUSO.

mOUSmUSO is easily capable of maintaining a data stream that is faster than MIDI - The MIDI spec is an OLD OLD spec by computing standards and is limited to around a note a millisec. Sounds OK ? Not when you need to play 16 notes at once - MIDI is a serial interface (one at a time) thus note sixteen is ALWAYS sixteen milliseconds behind the first, even if they are all meant to play together. Thus mOUSmUSO is limited to MIDI speeds but these are faster than MOST musicians need or can play anyway.

Enough of the limitations - you have to play mOUSmUSO, preferably through a VERY good sound card, but better through a Roland Sound Canvas (recommended) or other multi-timbral module. So follow the link above and download it.

The download is a zipped executable file. Simply run it and point it to a suitable location on your hard drive. It does not matter where this is. The file will unzip everything to your folder and then you can simply run mOUSmUSO from there. There is NO INSTALL ROUTINE. To uninstall you simply delete the folder