How to record directly into sound recorder from mOUSmUSO


Simply goto Start/Programs/Accessories/Entertainment and start Sound Recorder. Go back there again and start the Volume Control. Set the Volume Control Properties Recording format as shown to CD Quality and mute the mike input if you have a mike.

Now choose New from the Sound Recorder menu to ensure that everything is set.

You should then be able to play mOUSmUSO and by selecting record on Sound Recorder you should see your mOUSmUSO music being recorded. Note that for some reason known only to Microsoft, Sound Recorder defaults to only recording one minute of sound. Simply make consecutive recordings until you have the length required BEFORE you try to record for a longer amount of time.

New !!

Now with Anvil Studio (Shareware Sequencer) you can record mOUSmUSO MiDi tracks. This allows you to edit your mOUSmUSO MiDi creations. Remove wrong notes, alter pitch bends and quantize.



To enable this you need a copy of Hubi's MiDi Loopback . This software allows you to install 4 virtual MiDi ports that let you send MiDi data from mOUSmUSO to any sequencer. All you need to do is set the sequencer to receive from LB1 (LoopBack1) and set mOUSmUSO to the last available MiDi Device. With a little experimentation you should be able to see your mOUSmUSO MiDi parts arriving in the sequencers edit window as you play.

Sample performance files

These wave files are live takes of MousMuso performances. Recorded using MousMuso on a Pentium Pro 266 MHz PC driving an AWE 64 Gold Soundcard.

The files are quite large and in Real Audio 3.0 format so note ...

You must have the Real Audio Player plug-in to download these files.


demo1 59 Kb Real Audio File