Some goal facts

Only those who make goals can achieve them

Goal achievement is improved by writing the goal/s down

Great goals can be conceived

Goals are created from ideas A good way to get good ideas is to have a lot of ideas

Creative ideas come in different types

Historically creative - the great ideas no one else has conceived yet

Self creative - you thought it for the first time but others have too


Goal achievment can be prioritised


Some great goals


Cure all mans ills

Connect Mankind (The Internet to Come?)


Save the Planet (Heard that before somewhere)

Love everything

Release all beings from Samsara(The Wheel of Life - meaning eternal sorrow) before accepting Nirvana (Timeless Tranquility) oneself (The Boddhisatva's Vow)


Help one another


Be aware

Make all beings happy

Refuse attachment to possessions

Give whenever asked, take whatever's offered

Blame yourself not others (This protects from the errror of wrongly

blaming another for your own faults (dangerous) and thus never fixing them)

Understand meditation Understand love