Dear Reader,

This letter is written to introduce you to Lou Nisbet (pen name lumatrix), his work and in particular the 'Road to Power' series of novels.

These four books will describe the spiritual adventure and progress of a young, Scots, teenager from 'Stream Enterer' to Buddhahood. Lou is an accomplished and creative writer. He was born and raised in Edinburgh, 'The Athens of the North'. From the early days of the Eighties and the production of 'The Underworld Oracle' to the creation of mOUSmUSO, a virtual musical instrument for ST & PC computers, to the current songs of the Unternet Busker he has a body of work of different types of creativity. This work ranges from magazine publication and editorial, to computer coding and song writing. Examples of his different works can be heard and read on his website at This web site is, as the phrase goes 'all his own work'. All production except for certain images supplied by NASA, and off-site links are copyright of Lou Nisbet.

Lou in the last fifteen years has made an on-going study of the works of Krishnamurti and Buddhism. He is currently working on the second book in the 'Road to Power' Series', 'The Company of Compassion' as well as a factual book on Buddhism called 'The Amateur Buddhist'. The 'Road to Power' series is an attempt to re-introduce to literature the concept of spiritual fiction. John Bunyan did it well for Christianity with the 'Pilgrim's Progress'. The Bhagavad Gita and the other ancient myths of India and the Orient survive due to their tremendous impact on the human psyche. A modern example will not go amiss. Mythical and mystical magic is all very well but the impact of 'real' magic, the magic of the human mind is paramount and should be paramount to all. The principles of mental development and the 'Enlightenment Thought' of Buddhism should be brought to the forefront of the ongoing conversation of Mankind. Many of the books that try to explain the spiritual adventure are too abstruse for many adults, let alone children to enjoy. How much more important is it that children and in particular teenagers have some easily accessible and dare it be said enjoyable, pointers to the possibility of spiritual progress.

Edutainment is possibly a clumsy and perhaps ugly word but the conception is worthy. The novel ' Changing the Mind of Man', the first in the 'Road to Power' series is Lou's attempt at producing work that may fill a void as yet unperceived by many publishers. The enormous appeal and popularity of the work of J. Krishnamurti along with the growing trend to secularity and revulsion to theism may indicate a huge possible market for this type of work. The growth of interest in Buddhism and the popularity of the Dalai Lama may indicate a possible audience too. Strictly speaking Buddhists may follow the precept not to read anything but Dharma. Arguably though, as 'Changing the Mind of Man' contains an explanation of the greatest, fundamental, teachings of the Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, the novel could in some weird way qualify as Dharma. Notably the Buddha said 'Whoever sees the Dharma sees me' and 'Changing the Mind of Man' shows the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path of the Dharma.